Various Services Included By Websites

Some websites have different products included along with medications while others are completely dedicated to drugs only. They have prescription medication, over the counter medication, online doctors. There are some websites which have included a complete set of illnesses and treatments for them. Several sections are made which have mentioned under them, health problems along with the definition of the health problem and the treatment and prescription for that. There are websites which are merged with other pharmaceutical websites which will help in increasing the business and provide customers with complete healthcare products.

All About Addictive Drugs

There is a list of drugs known as Z-drugs. They are further listed into three categories Imidazopyridines, Cyclopyrrolones, and Pyrazolopyrimidines. They are the group of drugs which are considered under the category of nonbenzodiazepine hypnotics. These medications are commonly used for the treatment of severe insomnia, therefore, they can be very addictive so the one who sells these drugs must be very careful and ensure that they are being used appropriately. If the patient is seen to have side effects that are complete because of the drugs, treatment should be terminated immediately.

The online medicine purchase has become way easier now. There are a variety of online websites where you can purchase medicines similar to shopping online. All the sites have the similar name some of the names are chemist direct, direct pharmacy, pharmacy2you, UK meds.

So that there is no misuse of the drugs, websites have come up with certain policies and guidelines to follow the policies.

The different website provides with different types of options and user interface


Categories You Can Choose To Shop From


Some websites provide you with a lot of sections where you can select those categories and do the purchase. They divided into the following sections




Mother and baby






Winter shop


Skin care


For men







The customer who is purchasing the medication must prove that he/she has tried all the non-medication treatments. Even though there is a variety of Z-drugs, the customer is allowed to purchase only one type of Z-drug at that time. If the patient has not responded well to Z-drugs in the past, the doctors will not prescribe these medications anymore. If you are having severe insomnia which is interfering with your day-to-day life, you need to provide with detailed information regarding your condition to the doctors so that they can provide you with a prescription.


There is a maximum limit of tablets or capsules that will be given to the customers in particular order. The websites follow the dosage guideline given by the British National Formulary. The Z-drugs is meant to be used for the only limited period of time and according to the license of each drug. If you have placed an order or received your order, and again after few days you place another order then it will be kept on hold and will be released at the right time.


To maintain the limited supply per customer, if the customer has orders from two different suppliers at the same time for the same prescription and both the companies become aware of this, the order will be either reduced or cancelled so that the medicines supplied to the customer does not exceed the maximum dosage that British National Formulary guideline has mentioned.




After the customer has placed the order it is expected that the customer pays for Z-drugs using their own card. When you are placing next order after a significant amount of days you need to provide a proof of your date of birth before it is dispatched. The people who require Z-drugs are usually above the age of 25 years of age because the conditions for which these drugs are used are prone to happen to people of age above 25, therefore the medication is carefully prescribed for people under 25 years of age. If there is a case that patient is 21 or under they will have to get a permission from their general physician before any Z-drugs is supplied to them.

Under certain unique circumstances, the customers are allowed to use others cards to make the payments for this drug, but they will have to give proof of the date of birth and their home address before the order is dispatched. When you place the order the billing address for the card and the delivery address both must be the same. In some occasional instances, a work or holiday address can be used provided you have a proof for that. If there are two or more patients residing at the same address and want to order Z-drugs the order is most likely to be refused and the account will be cancelled.