Company Culture

Other Services


Every now and then the website will be introducing new services for the customers.

The information about the interactive service that is being provided, whether the service provided makes use of technical or human moderation is mentioned.

During the use of interactive services, if is there any risks for users, the best possible assistance will be provided by the third party.

Advertising illegal activities. Harassment of others privacy, abusing them, threatening and causing inconvenience which may lead to anxiety and tension.

Reselling, copying, duplicating the products and services provided by the website is not acceptable. Unauthorised access to software used on the website, data stored in the network, section of the website, and any software, network or any other equipment that is owned by the third party.


To Make the Website Safe And Secure The Company Follows These


The facts provided must be completely accurate. The opinions given must be genuine. They must be within the limits of the law in which country they are posted. Matter contained in the site must not be scandals pertaining to any person. Matter provided on the website must not be offensive or hateful. Promotion of sexually explicit act of violence. Promoting any kind of violence. Advertising that promotes discrimination with respect to race, nationality, religion, disability, sex, or age.